That’s the amount of time I said it would take me to do the brunt of the work ahead of me: two weeks.  Oh. My. God.

Truth is, I was looking forward to having a full month to get repairs done, sift thru all our possessions, decide what’s coming with us and what’s not, box things up a bit at a time, and so forth.  Then once that’s done, BOOM, the house gets listed and I’m ready to move myself, the kids, the pets, and our stuff whenever a buyer gives us a good offer and we close.  But now that we have met with our real estate agent the plan has gone from sprucing up the house and decluttering to just decluttering so we can sell it as-is.  But, can I really decide item per item what is coming with us and what is not in just 2 weeks?  …AND play the role of single parent for the duration? I guess I’ll try, but it’s a tall order. 

To make things more sucky, there are things I really want to try and sell because they certainly aren’t coming with us.  Like all those freakin clothes.  I don’t want to just dump it all in a donation box and they will take a little more than just 2 weeks to post on ebay and sell.

It took a bit for me to get used to this new direction today.  I’m still feeling a little dissappointed that beautifying this house would make no difference in our take-home dollar amount.  The way it was explained makes sense, but I’m almost dissappointed that there isn’t more I can do to the house before leaving it.  This is a classic example of how not getting to do (last minute) what I should have already done makes me feel like a failure.  Putting things in the perspective of money alone, however, we would not be in a better position if we factored in all the thousands of dollars we would have spent versus what we’d get back.  Whether we had put it in years ago or put it in now, spending money would make little difference our amount of take-home money, but it does make a difference in the level of warm prideful feelings I take away with to Austin.  Right now it’s at zero.

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