It has been a full month and a week since I last posted.    A lot has happened in 5 weeks.   I have started packing and have 42 boxes so far, 37 of them sealed.  Many more to go but that is good progress.   I should dedicate a post on how I am inventorying all our belongings for this move.

Thanks to word of mouth (and my buddy ‘ol pal, Gabe), I have been employed working remotely for another NTT Group sister company to NTT Communications.   Ironically it is for a company that has been aquired by NTT Data that was originallly started by Ross Perot.   Ironic because my first serious job ever was for EDS, another company started by Ross Perot.  What are the odds?

Well, Today is my 3rd day working for the company and I can’t say I feel like I have truly started yet.  I JUST received the work laptop, but thanks to issues with my email, I’m typing this up instead of actually working.  At any rate,  it feels fucking awesome to be working and earning an income again.   

My work is cut out for me with this move because, altho I have made good progress packing so far, I still have a lot left to do and I have to do it while learning and holding a new full time job.  I have furniture to sell, more items to pack, cleaning to do, a moving company to decide on and sign a contract with… and so much more.  But I have about 7 weeks to do it all in.   We have decided to move before the house sells and probably even before it gets listed.   I made sure to find a real estate agent who is on her game and who we can trust to get it all done after we have left the state.  Now that I’m employed again, we can afford to continue paying the mortgage whilst also paying for rent on a house to live in in Austin. 

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