I always upgrade my blog (wordpress) with every new little patch that they release but the last one (2.2) sortof “broke” a few plugins. I ended up having to patch wp-includes/widgets.php because the Executable php Widgets plugin wouldn’t work as-is. I also upgraded other plugins like php-exec, expand-comments (hope this fixes issue with vanishing comments), wpg2, inline-ajax-page, and replaced the old google search plugin with a new, nicer one. (google ajax search) 😉 My only gripe with the new google search plugin is that I can’t shut off web searches. It’s still nicer, tho. And just yesterday I installed Spam Karma too. I’ve already got Akismet and Bad Behaviour but you can’t have enough guards against spam or attacks, can you? I’m not sure if keeping Spam Karma means I’ll need to drop Akismet. I’ll keep both until something forces me to decide. So far they’re playing nice together.

After this upgrade was done, I went on to try to speed up the sites. I turned off a few other plugins I didn’t really need and started to tweak my server’s mysql conf file. I still need to go back to that and try to shave a couple seconds of load time off the blogs. Also, now that I have a new and improved camera, I plan on putting lots more photos on here. But I’m not really happy with gallery2’s performance so I upgraded that last week and moved all the javascript from the header to the body so it all doesn’t need to load with the gallery. I’d love to get picasa’s speed here. Goddamn that site is fast.

Future changes include replacing Del.icio.us from the sidebar with the run-of-the-mill blogroll (for speed), and possibly shaving a few words off the about me plugin in the sidebar. Too long! Oh, and way down the road I might replace the image in the header with something new.

I did take a little time yesterday (and will more today) and made a few little changes to the theme. I’ve made so many changes to this theme already that I don’t know if I should give it a new name or something and release it as my own invention. LOL! No, I don’t think I can. It’s still based on someone else’s version of k2. 3k2. Maybe I should call it 3k2o. “O” for “Oh yeah, babyyyy!!”.

Hehehe, snort.

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