INVERTER. X. X’ If X=0 then X’=1. If X=1 then X’=0. A. B. C=A·B. If A=1 AND B=1 then C=1. otherwise C=0. AND. OR. A. B. C=A+B. If A=1 OR B=1 then C=1. otherwise C=0.
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True Or False

I find that many people have a tendency to think in absolute terms. They have pre-defined categories or boxes in their minds where every person will fit into. And going even further, every action has a pre-defined motive. The world is black and white, every question has a yes/no answer. To them the world is binary and anything that doesn’t fit is considered an aberration, a defect, or abomination. Basically, this it how many religious people think. Especially those unable to accept anything beyond male and female.


The interesting thing to consider is that this is a very scientific or mathematical way of seeing the world. George Boole was a mathematician and logician who created boolean algebra. It laid the foundation for the information age. Without his work, circuit boards couldn’t have existed as we know them today. He thought every question or problem we could ask could be solved with boolean algebra which is a kind of logic in which all values can be reduced to either a true or false, which translates to an on or an off, circuits are either open or closed, values are either 1 or 0.

The REALLY interesting thing about this guy is that he was very devout christian and believed that he could prove the existence of god using boolean logic. He tried but he failed.

I think in very black or white terms except when thinking about people. I really don’t think you can apply this logic to people, their motives, what drives them and especially not to their spirituality.


Just a thought.


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